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Matso’s Brewery is the Kimberley’s award winning microbrewery and a true Broome treasure. The owners of Matso’s Broome Brewery (Martin & Kim Peirson-Jones) are committed to the Kimberley region and the Western Australian tourism industry with an investment in various accommodation properties throughout the Kimberley region.

The Matso’s Head Brewer loves to combine the finest natural ingredients, traditional time honoured brewing techniques and modern technology, to produce a range of beer styles that -above all else- aim to deliver flavour.

Choose from our great range of award winning beers which include the famous alcoholic Ginger and Mango Beers, Smokey Bishop dark lager, Pearler’s Pale Ale, Lychee Beer, Chilli Beer, Hit the Toad Lager and the brand new Session Ale 3.5% Pale Ale. Matso’s has also released two craft ciders using authentic Australian Desert Limes from the outback: Mango and Desert Lime Cider and the Desert Lime & Wild Ginger Cider. Stop by the Brewery and try the Matso’s range of seasonal beers also on offer, we’re always brewing up a storm!

The Kimberley lifestyle, climate and natural environment is unique and unfettered, and our objective is to create beers of individuality that will reflect the region. With the knowledge and wisdom of ‘Old World’ brewing to draw from, and the imagination and innovation of ‘New World’ brewers as our inspiration, we hope to contribute to the future of Australian beer.

Matso’s Broome Brewery is the ideal function venue. We can cater for stand up cocktails, a Kimberley BBQ or a lavish sit down meal. Please contact us for more details.


Matso’s Store started life as the Union Bank of Australia Ltd and was built in 1910. It stood in Sheba Lane, which ran down the edge of Kennedys Hill. The Union Bank was the first bank in Broome and was to be a vital part of the financial life of the town for over 40 years.

Sheba Lane was notorious as the Red Light district of Chinatown and was the centre of the Japanese community in Broome. Among the buildings there were opium dens, brothels and mah-jong palaces. Broome was a very open town, catering for the varied needs of hardworking divers throughout the region.

During 1942 the Union Bank branch in Broome found itself trading unprofitably and caught in a rationalization of the banking industry. The year since the depression had not been kind and the pearling industry itself was changing. Plastics were beginning to have an impact on the industry. Nationally, although ninth largest, the Union Bank hadn’t been meeting expectations and was the target of a takeover. As a consequence the Union Bank was absorbed into the ANZ group.

In the late 1940s, a fire, which was thought to have been intentionally lit, either by a disgruntled client of the establishment or in response to the war in the Pacific, devastated Sheba Lane. The closeness of the buildings and poor services ensured little could survive and only a few buildings escaped destruction. One of those was Matsos Store. It remained unharmed amid the ruins and remained operating. The building was sold with the redevelopment of Sheba Lane and the ANZ found new premises in Carnarvon Street.

Matsos Store was then purchased by Streeter and Male and relocated to the corner of Anne and Walcott Streets. It became known as the Number 2 Store, a name many locals still recall. When the building became surplus to the requirements of Streeter and Male, the building was transformed into a general store by the Matsumoto family and renamed Matsos Store a name which endures today. Matsos Store was eventually purchased by Lord McAlpine and once again moved to where it stands today on Hamersley Street.

In 1997 Matso’s was turned into a cafe, micro-brewery and art gallery. Back then the Brewery could only manage 200L at a time (just 4 kegs), truly micro! Martin & Kim purchased Matso’s in 2000 and Kim’s daughter Dannielle and her boyfriend Justin (now husband) took charge of the operations. The art gallery was then leased out so as to concentrate on the important things in life – beer & food! In 2004 a new full mash brewery capable of 1200L batches was installed and Matso’s beer really took off with local and visitors alike. The beer became so popular the bar staff helped the brewer with hand bottling, sticking on the labels and hand packing cartons between serving customers so people could take it home.

By 2007 Matso’s could no longer keep up with customer demand and with no space for an automatic bottling plant in the heritage building the decision was made to have the closely guarded recipes contract bottled elsewhere. To keep it on home turf (Western Australia) Gage Roads in Palmyra, Perth was chosen and the first batch bottled for Matso’s (Ginger Beer) was just 700 cases, soon to be followed by Smokey Bishop and Monsoonal Blonde.  From then on the Matso’s Brewer would perfect recipes on site in Broome and let the customers tell us which ones they wanted bottled next.

Matso’s now distributes Australia wide and is still a proudly family owned and operated business, the three generations of family still live in Broome and can be seen at the bar quality testing on a regular basis!