Matso’s Broome Brewery launches the NEW Rauch Beer in Broome

Brew news -  NEW Rauch Beer

Matso’s head brewer Marcus Muller has been hard at work fine tuning the breweries 1st ever Rauch Bier which as of today is NOW ON TAP. Keeping in tune with the seasonal weather changes in the Kimberley, Marcus has been busy going through the old brewing recipe book researching some new brews that both locals & tourists can best enjoy with our Kimberley winter weather.

This particular drop has tipped the scales @ 5.2% alc/vol and is packed full of flavor. If you’re a bit rusty on what a Rauch Bier is then you’ve blogged the right page.

Rauch Bier means ‘Smoked’ and is a traditional German specialty beer originating in the city of Bamberg. The flavour is created by using smoked malt, which is kilned (dried after the germination process) with smoke from burning Birch wood rather than clean, dry, hot air.

Tasting Notes;

This is an all grain beer dominated by ‘smoked’ flavour and aroma. This particular ale reminisces on smoked cheese and smoked ham.

The big smokey nose and character is followed up by a nice body and mouth feel without being overpowered by maltiness.

A small addition of roasted malt, roasted barley and crystal malt balances the sweetness, as do the moderate bitterness and aroma hops used in the brewing process.

Food Matching;

This is a really hard one to match up but personally I’d have this with some pork belly or if you’re not a fan of pig some slow roasted beef cheeks would keep me happy.