The Love of Beer

Love of beer’ is an obsession; it is a passion sometime hard to explain. Beer is a well know recreational time pass Australians’ enjoy. An obsession cannot determine the ‘love of beer’ but can certainly help to understand and appreciate ‘the beer’.  Beer is something that can easily break all barriers local as well as international. Beer is a common global beverage. Presence of beer is omnipotent.

Alchemy of beer making is a fine process; known since the ages. Beer is a ‘versatile’ and ‘flexible-food companion’, that everyone wants; especially on a hot summer Australian day. Beer is a fantastic drink to have along with any kind of food or any style of cuisine. Australian beer is known for superb quality around the world. Different types and flavors’ of beer are easily available. Beer can be identified by its strength quotient as well as type of flavor. For instance; there is light-beer, mid-strength beer, and heavy-beer. A light beer is generally low on alcohol content mostly 2 percent of alcohol by volume. Mid-strength beer is around 4 percent of alcohol by volume.  Last but not the least heavy beer has an alcohol content of around 6 percent by volume. ‘Very Australian beer’… Larger is ideally made from bottom-fermenting yeast like Foster beer. Foster beer is exceedingly well known nationally as well as internationally.

Ales are generally mild and fruity flavored beers. Ales come in various flavors like apple, lemon grass, pineapple, plum, and prune. Bitter hop taste is prominent in larger beer.  New and exotic spices are added to beer these days; since they improve the taste and help in its preservation. Coriander, curacao, and other spices increase shelf life of a beer.  Dark beer is something like stout. It is made up of roasted malts, and is darker in appearance.Pilsener beer is made by using famous Pilsener method. It comes in both mild and moderate strength. It is also made from hop and has a dry finish. To sum-up there is flavor, texture, color, and pleasant aroma in beer. Different type’s beer satisfies a wide range of taste buds. It is only fair all different type personalities get to enjoy beer.

Nothing is more satisfying than a chilled beer to quench your thirst, especially on a hot and sweltering summer’s day. A perfect glass of beer seems just right. Go ahead have a fine glass of beer. Beer is the best beverage to drink, but responsible drinking is the ‘bestest’. Chill out with a cold one today!